Friday, May 20, 2016

Today's #flashfiction Toon Humor

“What's up doc?”
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On Friday do you have to eat fries? Because if you do I'm a big rule breaker. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Toon Humor

        After having exploded after a day of shenanigans Ken the Kangaroo, cartoon star extraordinaire clocked in from work and headed home. Slapstick was exhausting, but paid well, especially if you weren't an extra(and therefore getting the majority of the beating). How the fleshed found this funny was beyond him.
        At least he could watch one of their shows for a laugh. He planted his colorful body on his colorful couch enjoying its softness against his smooth toon fur. Ken turned on a fleshed movie, where humans would be experience a tragic love.
       And he found it hilarious. To explain toon humor would be a difficult task. But the minds of creatures who were often exploded, whacked and put in worlds not quite possible with circumstances put against them, their minds didn't quite work the same as normal people.
       Ken found the fakeness funny. The “fleshed” trying to be unreal. He lived fake day in and out and could see it plain as day. The fake emotions looked funny to him. He'd interacted with real “fleshed” people and other toons when off the clock. And when things went off script, it was hilarious. Ken the Kangaroo would have sobbed along with someone who was really crying, but for a toon who's very existence was acting.
      Why those tears in that tragic movie were just hilariously fake.

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