Saturday, May 28, 2016

Today's #flashfiction The Simple Paranormal Encounter

 “It's not you it's me.”
Mr. Hyde #quote

I wonder if the other letters get jealous of P, G, R, N and C because they get to rate movies while they don't. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Simple Paranormal Encounter

          Jacob the cheery, grade school old boy walked along merrily during a warm spring day. The flowers bloomed those nice colors seen in story books and enough clouds dotted the skies to make it pretty but not show sign of coming rain.
          While Jacob traveled along the sidewalk a ghost materialized in front of him. The ghost floated only an inch above the ground and had a body twice his size. It formed as a huge mass of gray and black. Three openings on its front served as a pair of eyes and a mouth with a hanging jaw and ethereal fangs.
         “Hello Mr. Sidewalk Ghost,” Jacob said to the ghost.
          “Hello little boy. It's always nice to get a little company while you're stuck haunting.” The ghost smiled. “Not many people stop and walk around this part of town. Most people just drive by.”
          “I'm happy I could say hi to you.” The boy smiled at the ghost. The boy's smile then turned to a frown. “Mr. Sidewalk Ghost could you help me? I'm lost. I have to go to the library to study but I got lost.”
          The ghost thought for a moment. He really wanted to have company but he didn't want to keep the boy from where he needed to go. “I know where that is. Turn back around and go eight blocks go left, then the library is just past the burger joint.”
          “Thank you Mr. Sidewalk Ghost.” The boy left to go study at the library.

          “Goodbye little boy.” The ghost enjoyed his simple encounter with the boy and hoped someone else would come to his little section of the sidewalk soon.     

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