Thursday, May 26, 2016

Today's #flashfiction Harry And Barry

 “Let's take a break.”
Humpty Dumpty* #quote

Since there's death metal music shouldn't there be life metal music? Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Harry And Barry

         TV star puppets Harry and Barry were talking after hours in the storage closet. They joked with big laughs nearly tearing their foam guts at the seams. Harry's body was covered in blue fur while Barry's was covered in green. They'd been educating kids for decades.
Harry, after making a joke about one of the producer's shirts then said, “Wait...where do shirts come from?”
        Barry then asked, “What a peculiar question.” Harry and Barry were very, very old puppets on a very, very old program. Through great care they'd survived generations of actors, but they'd never been outside the studio. “That's never been a lesson taught on the show.”
        Harry then asked, “We tell the kids to wonder things and ask questions, but we don't...what's the word for that?”
        Barry then said, “I don't think that word has been in any of our scripts either. Even for the bigger kids.”
        Harry then told Barry, “Y'know, we've been teaching people for years...but...uh...I'm starting to feel pretty dumb. Like, we show kids pictures of things...but I've never seen them.”
        His costar then replied with a worried tone, “Okay, this is starting to get scary. There's just the studio, and the cameras, and the kids. Studio, cameras, kids. We're the teachers. Got it?” Barry felt like telling Harry this made it true.
       “Yeah, you're right.” Harry agreed, feeling the same fears creeping on himself.

And so the puppets kept their world small and their minds at ease.

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