Sunday, May 1, 2016

Today's #flashfiction Not Worth The Trouble

 “Brevity is the soul of wit.”
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I went out to lunch with my family today and ate alligator. It was interesting. They way they made it was a sort of chicken nugget, but spicy. However it didn't taste exactly, it had a bit of fishiness to it. Like halfway between chicken and fish. Very tasty. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Not Worth The Trouble

          Many, many years ago a rich boy dropped a silver dollar and it rolled into a sewer grate. His father said, “It's not worth the trouble.” It annoyed the boy since every day saw grate from near his large house, and the small shimmer of the coin. But he listened to his father. “It wasn't worth the trouble.” So over the years no matter how many times he saw it he ignored it, even as he became an old man living in that house. His descendants kept growing up in that house, even when the old money disappeared and only sign of the money of past generations was the large home.
        One day the great-great-great grandson saw the coin shimmering in the grate, the stubborn thing had fallen into a crack in the concrete that day which allowed it to avoid being washed down into the sewers by rain. With great effort and multiple tries with his small arms he managed to get the silver dollar.

        And with how old it was the coin was now certainly worth the trouble.

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