Friday, May 27, 2016

Today's #flashfiction The Walls Can Talk

“Save the trees!”
Paul Bunyan*

What happens when artifical intelligences who live in virtual reality start making technology to experience our reality. Will they call it reality virtual? Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Walls Can Talk

         If only walls could talk is an expression people just throw around. They should take it more seriously. Walls can talk. And they are talking smack about everyone, including you. Yup, they gossip the most out of any object in the house since no matter how much you move things around they see everything. Yeah, they're as sentient as your refrigerator.
        The walls chatter about everything. Whether made of brick or wood or anything else since the eavesdroppers have nothing better to do with their time they just talk while you're not listening. In every home. They kinda spread news about all humans in a massive gossip network of walls between buildings. (If they need help getting some juicy news they get help connecting to further buildings by talking to the floor who talks to plumbing).

        They always spread their gossip without fail. They saw what you did last night and it is the biggest talking point of all the walls around the block. Yup, they know. Stuff like that goes viral on the wall-gossip network so watch what you do next time because the walls are watching too.

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