Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Today's #flashfiction Reality

 “Shhhh, no talking during the movie...”
Charlie Chaplin* #quote

If I go to the end of the Reading Rainbow I find a pot of books? Anyway onto the flash fiction!


      Ben wore big goggles on his head and wore large headphones on his ears. Even though he was still in his chair it felt quite immersive since his entire view was covered and the headphones filled his ears with sound.
       However Ben did not experience that virtual reality. An alien watched over him plugged in by his spinal cord. The alien was monitoring Ben and his life of playing his silly little game. It laughed with a strange sound only its tongue could make.
       But really that alien lived as a brain in a jar, Ben not being real, nor his job of studying him. The brain was ignorant of current state. A scientist, who was working in studying how to prolong lives, wondered what the brain in the jar he was tasked with taking care of was thinking.

      Though really that scientist was simply a man in a coma a nurse looking at him sleeping there so peacefully. The thing about her was...well actually, what about you?

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