Sunday, May 8, 2016

Today's #flashfiction Deep In Hypnosis

 “Thou shalt not steal.”
The Hamburglar* #quote

Here's a fun party game, especially for writers. You need a one minute timer and a piece of paper and pencil for each person. Each person starts writing a story, then when the timer is up they pass their piece of paper to the left. Another one minute round starts with each person starting off where the last person left off, continuing until everyone has written in everyone's stories. (You can make the rounds longer than a minute if you like). Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Deep In Hypnosis

        Doctor John Hayfields spoke to his patient in a calm tone. Hypnosis was part science, part social art as you relate to the patient. He lulled them with his words. Repeating his words. His script towards the end was very stereotypical of a hypnotist.
        “Now, when I snap my fingers you'll wake from your trance.”
The sound of a snap filled the room. At this moment John woke up from his trance and was brought back to reality. He was no longer the hypnotist as he was in his therapeutic trance, and his own doctor sat next to him.

         “See you next Tuesday.” Hayfield's hypnotherapist told him.

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