Saturday, May 21, 2016

Today's #flashfiction The Hurricane Effect

“Marco! Polo! Marco! Polo!”
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CJ's comin' over today so that'll be fun. Also my other friend tomorrow, so that'll be fun. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Hurricane Effect

         The hurricane roared and threw buildings apart people fled wherever they could, leaving everything behind to avoid being caught in its wake. The damage was catastrophic. News stations covered the disasters far and wide. Countries away even. The newcaster relayed the story while the footage played behind him from a country he'd never heard of before.
         Carl felt quite depressed. Doing the news made him decent money, but covering so many terrible things in the world rots the heart. The worst thing was that he knew he didn't feel an incredible amount of empathy for the people in the hurricane because he'd covered so many disasters over the years he'd grown numb to suffering. Disasters, murders, kidnappings. An old, famous, newscaster, people were familiar with him and he kept his good looks as he aged so they never replaced him. As he lived alone he kept becoming more apathetic to the world.

        The newscaster walked through the park on his usual route home. However the guilt he felt for feeling nothing about the hurricane made him walk with a depressed slump off center of the sidewalk. Carl bumped into a flower on a bush where a butterfly was sitting and it flapped its wings then flew off. It caught Carl's attention, cheering him up with its bright colors and distraction from the thoughts in his mind. He felt compelled to follow it, and it led him to a bench where he met a woman that would take away his apathy and fill his heart with feeling once again.

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