Sunday, May 22, 2016

Today's #flashfiction Use The Farce

 “Dressing well is a form of good manners.”
Superman* #quote

I wonder if sages or monks use their mastery of chi energy when dancing they can do zen twerking. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Use The Farce

         (I'm going to die master...)
         (No, young one. Not while I'm here. My soul is bound to help you fight the evil empire.)
         (You'll help me live?)
         (Yes. I will always be with you inside these thought bubbles giving you advice. You're internal monologues will never be mono while I'm around. Even while you're at home alone...mmm..yes.)
         (Master can we think about the possibility of me dying now?)
         (Of course. You must be wary. You are going to fight the strongest soldier that the evil, evil empire has to throw at you. If you defeat this man in combat the rest of them will surrender to you out of fear. I have faith in you though.)
         (But this is the man that killed you!)
         (I know. Dark Pun. He is a master of the farce. But you can beat him my student.)
         (With my mere Farcesaber?)
         (That is not all he uses. Beware his puns. His terrifying puns. The absurd sillyness and stupidy and of them all. They made my mind physically numb. I actually started losing memories because they were so stupid. And the way he danced in those pink polka-dot pants. The lameness energy transferred to my body and I dropped my own Farcesaber. At that moment he killed me with his own.)
         (You make it sound impossible!)
         (But my student in the battle I saw his weakness! You have to counter the lameness. There are two powers within the Farce. The lame and the wit. Destroy his lame with your wit. Clever observations will raise your own energy and sarcasm will damage his. Mockery of individuals or concepts. Raise the level of intelligence of conversation. If his pun raises a subject turn that subject to something intelligent with wit. The man feeds off stupidity both its chaos to fuel him and its lameness to damage you.)
        (Wit will guide me! I will use the Farce! Not just my Farcesaber! My sarcasm will bring him down! I see him!)
“I will take you down Dark Pun!”

         (No my student! Don't get so close! No, he's leading the conversation! Calm his jokes! He's getting off puns...and you're dead. That was quick. Well looks like I'm going to have to find another student.)

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