Monday, May 30, 2016

Today's #flashfiction The Man Who Does Everything Over

“15 minutes can save you 15 percent or more on your car insurance.”
Andy Warhol* #quote

Went to the book store and got myself some books, a luscious literature extravaganza. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Man Who Does Everything Over

         Wallace would have a special kind of recurring dream. He would never have a duplicate dream, like always dreaming he was riding an elephant that rode a singing unicycle. No, his recurring dreams were actually dreams that were recurring events of the day.
          Every night he would dream the day over again, remembering the day he lived. A sort of replaying of it all. He would know the big goof up he was going to make and then not make it in the dream. Or say the right thing and have things go perfectly.
          But this land of dreams did not make Wallace happier. It did not make Wallace live guilt free and without regret. It filled him with more guilt and regret. Because the choices he made in the first real day stayed and the ones in the dream didn't. All his fixes didn't work. He always knew what he did wrong and only managed to live what was right.
         Wallace's story isn't a sad one though. Another chance at every moment without it being recorded as truth made him much, much wiser. To know all that could go wrong then get a chance to go right every day? That made him wise. The guilt and regret from the dreams made him a much smarter and happier man.

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