Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Today's #flashfiction The Aliens And The Pyramids

“What would you do for a Klondike Bar?”
The Fast And The Furious* #quote

 I wonder how many Larrys are mistaken for people named Barry. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Aliens And The Pyramids

        “And we can have your tomb done in a year.” The tall green alien said to The Pharaoh. The human looked at the alien from another world like he would any other foreigner, so the football shaped head and three eyes were just another variation on humanity he had to deal with.
       “What a short amount of time but you did show me your machinery and that massive statue you constructed in Ra's honor as a gift whether or not we employ your services. But still high promises. What is your price?”
        The alien handed The Pharaoh a contract. He read it over and became furious. “This is an insult! Do you really expect me to agree to this? You want to use materials from our land to build and then pay you by giving you a large mass of our land to live in forever? And then further materials afterward to build your homes and protection? And food?”
        The alien smiled. “But Your Highness, we will be giving you the best service in the known universe and we will only need food from you temporarily before we become independent. It is only the land we request to keep indefinitely.”
        The Pharaoh’s anger did not decrease. “No matter how well you can do the job I'm not giving you part of my kingdom. That's final. I'd rather have my people do the work themselves.”
          The alien groaned. Another lost client, another world they may not be able to enter because of their peace policy. Because of that policy they couldn't get in through conquest. This failure frustrated. However before leaving he decided to at least have last word with the human. “You'll regret it. I know that most of the time when people try 'do-it-yourself' instead of hiring professionals it can be much harder and take much longer. Good luck figuring it out though.” The wish of good luck was a sarcastic one.  

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