Monday, September 12, 2016

Today's The Three Wise Guys And Three Wise Men

“Fly the friendly skies.”
The Red Baron* #quote

I wonder what it would be like if Darth Vader sounded like Christopher Walken. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Three Wise Guys And Three Wise Men

        Three wise guys and three wise men met at a crossroads many, many years ago. Both kinds of people enjoyed talking with others and telling others what they know that the others don't. So the exchange began.
        The wise men told tales of their travels, the sciences, and the workings of faith and hope they learned over the years they had learned over the trials they lived.
        The wise guys told sarcastic remarks along with obnoxious, tasteless humor. They made out of date celebrity references and jokes and corrected the wise men when the wise men when they were both wrong and right.
        In the end neither learned from the other. The wise men did not listen to the wise guys scrutiny. Even when the wise guys were correct they dismissed them all together because of the way the wise guys behaved. The wise guys dismissed the wise men because they did not react kindly to their humor, and they seemed to know more than them.

        So at the crossroads where the wise men met the wise guys both listened but neither cared despite two types of wisdom were being shared. The three wise gals and the three wise women who met at the crossroads the next day didn't have much luck either.  

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