Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Today's #flashfiction The Man In The Rock Field

“Clothes make the man.”
The Cat in The Hat* #quote
I wonder what the spider version of Twister is like. Anyway onto the flash fiction!
The Man In The Rock Field

        Once a man sat in an uncomfortable field of rocks with weeks of food and water at his side. People saw this man and asked him why he sat in the field and he said nothing. They thought him crazy, a mute, a sage a monk or something else. Quickly the news caught note of him and the silent man and his phenomenon grew. People joined him and soon the entire field of rocks was filled with people. People fascinated with the man's purpose for being in the uncomfortable field of rocks. Not many people could stay very long in the massively uncomfortable field. They even wondered if he was protesting something and what it was, some even claiming his cause as theirs.

         The man sitting in the field possessed a simple motive for being there. He was a bored prankster and just wanted to trick people into sitting in a field of uncomfortable rocks.  

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