Saturday, September 10, 2016

Today's #flashfiction The Elven Elder

“Just remember to be yourself.”
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CJ's coming over today so that's cool to the fun. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Elven Elder

         The great Elven Elder lived for over one thousand years and held a reputation for being the wisest of all elves. People of all kinds, elven and otherwise, sought his advice and often made long pilgrimages to meet the wise man.
         When someone entered his room they saw what would fit a man who saw so many years of life. A large beard, huge glasses, and lots of wine. Some joked that the wine served as a preservative, keeping the old fellow alive all those years. The Elven Elder had heard so many jokes about him over the thousand years of his life so whether the joke was said as a kind tease, or a insult due to jealousy of his fame it never damaged his feelings.
         The people who visited his room they didn't know the specifics about all the objects he kept around. So many different things. Some rusting to pieces. These were all antiques, with various stories behind them. The Elven Elder didn't put everything on display but he gathered many things. And those many things were new when he got them. The Elder's price for advice involved three different items. One a small monetary fee, second a story, and third a memento from that story. The Elven Elder never got tired of hearing stories, even if he knew some were just tall tales.
         One day a little elven boy came into to see the Elder. The sun was setting so he would be the last that the Elder would see for the day. The boy gave the Elder the monetary fee then gave the Elder a rock.
        “A rock?” The Elder looked at the boy.
         “Yup!” Without letting the great Elven Elder get another word in the boy started explaining how he skips rocks along the lake as a hobby. Though the way he elaborated on it made it sound incredible tense and serious. He described every ripple. He talked about the ways he skipped rocks and how he got better and better. And when he finally ended after twilight passed he said, “And that's the rock I skipped from one side of the lake to the other. I am the rock skipping master. Can I ask my question now?”
       “Alright young one,” This would not be the first child's question he would be answering.
       “Where do babies come from?” The boy asked.

The Elder refunded the money and the rock and sent the boy back to his parents.

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