Saturday, September 3, 2016

Today's #flashfiction The Two Brothers And Their Teleporters

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I wonder if vampires have their own special dentists. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Two Brothers And Their Teleporters

             In 2115 there lived two competitive brothers Bob and Rob that worked in a family business of operating teleporter booths. Normally their father told them where to set up their booths but one day their father said to them:
             “You two will inherit the family business someday. So I will have competition for one month where you will set up your own booths in one location. Whoever makes the most money will have the right to be first when listed on all documents. This will determine if its Rob and Bob or Bob and Rob.
The contest will be held in Las Vegas.”
              So the two selected their locations.
              Rob set up his location in Las Vegas at a major point where tourists would want him to teleport them to their desired hotels or other locations.
             Bob set up his location in a dark alleyway in Vegas.
             At the end of the contest Rob and Bob counted the profits as it was registered in the machine. Neither brother tampered with the machine or put in their own money. It was too secure for that. The father designed the machine well.
             Bob won with his machine parked in the dark alleyway.
             Rob said to Bob baffled, “How did you possibly get enough customers in your location?”

             Bob smiled and replied, “I got less customers but I increased my rates through the roof. People came to me so they could teleport away without being seen. They needed to make sure what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.”

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