Sunday, September 11, 2016

Today's #flashfiction The Treasure Chest Dilemma

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Hung out with CJ. No MC Hammer clones attacked this time. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Treasure Chest Dilemma

         Sir Edward and Lady Hope were two knights of incredible strength and skill who after their service to the kingdom in the war against the dragons became adventurers. They traveled far and wide, saving many lands from disasters(for the right price), and raided ancient temples, caves and dungeons filled with monsters for loot. They now both stared at a massive treasure chest in one of these many dungeons they raided, the basement levels of a castle of a powerful sorcerer.
        “No, you open it,” said Lady Hope.
         “Please, ladies first, I insist.” Sir Edward bowed then smiled. The treasure chest stood on a pedestal and its massive size resembled a cow.
          She replied, “No, the strong manly man should open the large treasure chest.”
Edward pointed at the chest and said, “Hope, there is no way I am opening that for you.”
          The Lady Knight replied, “But I already used my magic bracelet to check for curses and we've looked everywhere for traps.”
          The Sir Knight countered, “Which is why we both know for a fact there is a trap! Why would a powerful sorcerer leave the largest treasure chest in his dungeon completely unguarded? There must be some protection beyond our comprehension on that box.”
          Hope the Troll Slayer told Edward, “So you, as the superior knight should open the chest.”
          Edward the Ogre Slayer countered, “You know we are both equally skilled!”
          Hope replied, “Yeah, well, sure. But you should still open it.”
          Sir Edward said, “No, you open it.”
         They kept bickering next to the chest for about thirty minutes.
          “We seem to have reached a bit of a problem,” They both spoke in unison. They hadn't adventured with each other for a decade without becoming linked on some mental level.
         “There is a simple solution.” Sir Edward smiled a wicked smile.
           “So you are thinking what I'm thinking.” Lady hope smiled just like her partner.
           They spoke in unison again, “We get someone else to open it!”
           Soon they hired a villager and took him into the dungeon and brought him to the chest. They paid him a handsome amount to open the chest claiming they simply couldn't lift it while wearing their armor. The villager was also the village numbskull. (The village idiot was too bright to fall for that.)
          He touched the chest and instantly burst into flames.
          Sir Edward took a glance at Hope and commented, “Yeah, not touching that chest.”

          “Then to the next dungeon!” The Lady Knight exclaimed.

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