Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Today's #flashfiction Earth Invasion Plan

“Don't let others tell you what to do.”
Simon* #quote

Do the jokers in the deck of cards have an audience? I'm not sure if the Jack, Queen or King care for humor. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Earth Invasion Plan

Step 1: Arm spaceships
Step 2: Survey planet for landing point
Step 3: Enter atmosphere
Step 4: Land on surface.
Step 5: Deploy army.
Step 6: Deploy airforce.
Step 7: See human counterattack.
Step 8: Counter their counterattack.
Step 9: Fail, then send more support.
Step 10: Fail again, then um, send for backup?
Step 11: Receive word from home that no forces are available.
Step 12: Uh-oh, so, should I, no wait, they've got all those angles covered.
Step 13: Realize I'm way in over my head.
Step 14: Tactical retreat.
Step 15: They cut me off. Okay, I can salvage this. Maybe if I...deploy the, no that won't work...
Step 16: Get captured.

Step 17: Hey, the cell at this “Area 51” holding facility of theirs is surprisingly roomy!  

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