Sunday, September 25, 2016

Today's #flashfiction The Games For The Presidency

“Do you pick door number one, door number two, or door number three?”
Saint Peter* #quote

Remember that memories are things that you shouldn't forget. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Games For The Presidency

          People may think that the Electoral College system is by the Constitution supposed to run like it does now. But the Constitution doesn't say that the people vote for President and Vice President. The law is that the States pick a system to place their electoral votes for President and Vice President and in the present day they chose the voting system to determine how to cast those valuable votes.
But in the far flung future it is far different...
           Presidential candidate Joe Tallons stared intently into the eyes of candidate Gerald Bellhop. The chairs they sat at were exact replicas. The table completely even. The room equal temperature all around. The game had to be perfectly fair. After all this staring contest was to win the state of Wyoming. Joe felt quite pressured as he lost at marbles over in Arizona but did feel some confidence from his win from the knitting contest over New York. Each game mattered. Each game needed to be tallied. And the candidates would keep playing even after the other one got the majority. It was both required by law and a thing of honor.
          The games for the electoral votes of a state came up as a way to save money on the voting process for the two positions. To please the people they let them pick the games. At first they were serious contests of skills and intelligence, the games became sillier as the people made it a source of amusement that made the most strange things intense. The politicians didn't care. Whatever they thought could get their candidate win. The arrogance of both parties made them both convince themselves the system was in their benefit over the other party. It didn't allow them to dominate the other party consistently but they could crush third parties that didn't assimilate with them by holding massive amounts of “preliminary tournaments” that the smaller parities couldn't keep up with. Other positions of office still operated the same. A presidential candidate trained in identifying flavors of ice cream while a Senator still tried to sway the minds of the people.
          Joe won the staring contest. Another few points for his race.
           The games between candidates Joe and Gerald continued. They came to a swing state. The final one on their race. The rest of the games they played would be just a formality for honor and law. This was the last game that matter. Whichever candidate won this state would win the country and make their party dominate for four years.
            A thumb war in Florida. An odd contest of focus and strength. Both of them readied themselves. Every game was tense. Truly all of the games mattered in some way. But this. The last one. The veins and muscles in their hands tensed. The fate of the country relied on the sways and strikes of their thumbs in this moment. They began.
           Joe went on the offensive. He hopped and bopped Gerald over and over. It caused intense strain along with the psychological element already there. But Gerald took his time. He kept focus. He weaved his thumb. He kept steady. And he brought his thumb down on Joe and applied incredible pressure. He pinned it till time and won the presidency.

        By the way, Gerald Bellhop turned out a good president. Looks like the system worked.  

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