Thursday, September 15, 2016

Today's #flashfiction The Mightiest Foe

 “Invest in Enron.”
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My friend Jessica should be arriving for the hanging of the out this weekend. It shall be a grand time indeed! Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Mightiest Foe

          The adventuring group “The Golden Guild” conquered mountains and the dragons atop them. They traveled through the deepest swamps and the ooze monsters within.The navigated the thickest of woods, infested with the most terrifying of trolls. They dived into the deepest of caves and killed the ogres inside. The raided the strongest, most fortified of overlord's castles, defeated their masters, and saved many lands.
          All these foes in all these territories fell to The Golden Guild.
But the three members of the guild, a wizard, warrior and master thief, faced their greatest foe within the territory of their own apartment. One day they bought a new couch. Employees from the furniture store helped them move it into The Golden Guild's mighty enchanted adventuring truck. But when they reached their apartment complex it became a difficult task.
          The wizard did not know levitation spells and the warrior, although a master of combat, fought not with the mere muscle mass of a barbarian, but elegant swordplay. So the warrior did not have the pure power to make moving the couch simple.
          The Golden Guild worked hard to move it to their apartment front door. The couch was one of the best, big, fully and massive. It weighed so much that carrying it took more out of them that fighting the Black Dragon of the Weeping Mountains. Fitting through the tiny door was a puzzle of strength and mind as they had to lift and turn it at a strange diagonal angle. Figuring out this angle taxed their brain more than the wicked psychic puzzles of the insane Overlord Darrlar. After getting it into their apartment the wizard had to use his strongest healing potions to restore their stamina.
         This cushioned foe tested The Golden Guild's unity as they put it in their front room where the TV and dining table lie. They couldn't agree on position yet they also didn't have much time to complete the task. They yelled at each other angrily as they kept moving the heavy couch and debated on its position. The more tired the foe made them, the harder they argued. Eventually they settled on a position, a random compromise. They weren't sure if it was aesthetically pleasing but they realized that the placing of the couch didn't matter as much as their friendship.

        Just as many of their previous adventures and foes did this one taught them a lesson as well when they conquered it.  

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