Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Today's #flashfiction Flipping The Rabbit Hole

“Sorry I'm late.”
Father Time* #quote

Went out to dinner with some relatives, it was quite fun. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Flipping The Rabbit Hole

        One day a white rabbit wandered about and saw a girl wandering about in Wonderland. Now these two individuals weren't the White Rabbit or Alice. This was a completely different white rabbit (Fred to friends, since he was so fredly. Wonderland lives on many puns.) And the girl was named Elizabeth.
        Elizabeth didn't take much interest in Wonderland, despite its...wonder, and left. Nothing besides horse riding and her studies caught her attention. But she caught the interest of this white rabbit. Fred followed her and went up the human hole, what the Alice of old called the rabbit hole.
        And the human world did amaze him so. As he followed Elizabeth, who realized that she was late for studies, he saw many strange things. Oh, so many strange things. Such tall buildings with such straight and narrow architecture. Nothing like the wiggly, wobbly things in Wonderland. Animals that wouldn't talk back to him and humans in so many different clothes and walking in huge crowds.
       But it did share one thing with Wonderland Fred traveled the human world far and wide but no matter how far he traveled he found many evil people in power. People who would shout “off with their head!” when it fit their whim. So he went back to Wonderland, because at least there was home to him.

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