Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Today's #flashfiction The Dog And The Clock Tower

“A fool and his money are soon parted.”
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Have you ever wondered how high Count Count has ever counted? Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Dog And The Clock Tower

          In a city stood a massive clock tower in the center of the crossroads and small dog in the center of a nearby backyard. At every hour on the hour the clock tower would go ding and dong so loudly people would swear its bells were made of woven thunder. It only stopped ringing at night when the citizens of the town would begin to wrap themselves in bedsheets and dreams.
           And on those hours when the gigantic clock tower rang the little dog would yip-yip-yip and bark. All because it was protecting the backyard from whatever dog, which is all it could imagine the clock tower to be, from entering. At every hour that the clock tower rang and the little dog barked. The dog it imagined never entered its backyard or home so it figured it protected the house and human family it lived with quite well.
           One day the clock tower broke though. It no longer rang at any hour of the day. The tower was an old relic, over one hundred years old and coming from the cities founding. The tower served as a monument, but it saddened the city when the gears within broke beyond repair and that any attempt to fix them would risk destroying the tower.

           The little dog grew sad as well. It didn't know what a clock tower was. But it missed the other dog that barked every hour on the hour.

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