Monday, September 19, 2016

Today's #flashfiction Is This Your Card

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People ask you think outside the box, but what if there are neat things inside the box? Like bubble wrap. Bubble wrap is fun. Pop, pop, pop. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Is This Your Card?

         “Is this your card?” said Joseph Byman, the street magician. The impossible card trick made him famous. The person in the video was proven time and again to not be in on it. Magicians all over could not figure out what kind of slight of hand he used to figure out how he managed to pull the woman's card from the deck.
         She held the deck, picked the card, and showed it to the camera before shuffling the deck and giving it back to him. He faced away during the entire thing. The trick was filmed with a high quality camera so every person that watched it could go frame by frame and see if he did anything to the cards. He did nothing. He fanned out the deck, and plucked her card from a random spot.
         The truth was that Joseph Byman's first trick was his finest and could never be done again. It took five weeks of him wandering the streets to get the trick to happen. Because all he was doing was waiting for the card to emerge from the deck by chance. Byman's trick was no trick. Now that people knew his face he could no longer perform a trick based on failure. But for the first time, when nobody heard of him, Joseph simply walked away when he didn't pull the right card apologizing for his mistake.

        Joseph keeps the card from the impossible trick as a memento, and something to motivate him to try to find something else impossible to do. For now, the magician would first like you to think of a card...

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