Friday, September 16, 2016

Today's #flashfiction More Than Bird Brains

 “Don't jump to conclusions.”
Evel Knievel* #quote

Jessica is coming over tomorrow so that'll be funriffictastic. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

More Than Bird Brains

         Of the many lonely mad scientists one in particular surrounded himself with parrots. He didn't like the company of people. Felt they could steal his work. But after the parrots conversations grew too dull(only being able to mimic and have a few trained phrases grew tiresome and could only fill the void of social interaction so much) he decided to use his science to make the birds much smarter.
        It worked and soon the birds became massively intelligent. Even beyond what the scientist anticipated. They could talk with him about anything. Match his smarts in any subject and keep up with him. They could read all his books and learned quickly and from each other. The scientist would never find a conversation with the birds boring. Some became interested in mathematics, science, literature, or philosophy. They became feathered masters of so many things. Groups of the birds worked together to make music on the piano and make songs in human genres or whatever they pleased.

       After awhile though the birds began to find the scientist boring and they flew off to find more interesting people to speak with. The scientist was lonely again. He decided he needed to invent another thing to keep him company. Perhaps a super intelligent robot?

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