Monday, September 5, 2016

Today's #flashfiction The Lab Rat Always Wins

“I've just perfected an Electronic Hair Bat-Analyzer which may hold the key to this baffling question.”
Christian Bale* #quote

Do you think that Confucius and Aesop are good buddies in the afterlife? Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Lab Rat Always Wins

          “He won't be able to beat this one! I made the pattern totally random and it's huge!” Dr. Winston Hugh proclaimed with a smile on his face.
          “What do you mean?” Rebecca, the doctor's new intern asked, “Why did you put such work into a test maze for the lab rats. And who's he?”
          “'He is Lab Rat #47, or a rat I'm convinced must be some kind of genius or have some strange sense of smell or sense of geometric positioning. Or something. He defies all probability of speed of maze solving. He goes straight for the end unlike the other rats. He must be doing something, but I don't know what!”
          “Hmmm...” Rebecca wondered. “If what you said is true, then there must be some cause for it.”
Across the room Lab Rat #47 was talking with his fellow lab rats, all in little squeaks naturally.
          “How do you solve the mazes so quickly?” his buddy #49 asked.
#47 whipped his tail around in amusement. “See the window next to our cage? It looks into the room where he builds the mazes. I watch him make the mazes and memorize the layout. I'm not going to wander around forever to get those delicious treats. Not like I have anything better to do.”

          “I wonder how long it'll take them to figure that out.” #49 replied while looking at the scientists theorize together.

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