Friday, September 23, 2016

Today's #flashfiction The Dreams Of A Wizard

“Keep it real.”
Pablo Picasso* #quote
         If you want to make sure that you never head into the light just don't pay the electric bill. Anyway onto the flash fiction!
The Dreams Of A Wizard

          When we dream we often dream of the strange. Where we fly or of impossible scenarios or things. Nightmares are filled with monsters and the fantasies in dreams can be creations beautiful and beyond our normal reality.
           But a wizard dreams differently. For he lives in a world like our dreams. Where flying is possible and monsters and strange things and creatures live. Where beauty beyond our normal reality. He dreams of a world like ours.
          Our world is a fantasy to him. He dreams of our serenity. Our lack of magic and chaos. No flight, no elaborate creations. Just our orderly reality where animals are animals and not mutated monsters, even our strangest ones. Where our oceans are plain and blue. Where are fields are covered in patches of simple flowers. Where our cities are systems of people simply living instead of being filled with dragons, goblins, curses, strange constructions beyond normal logic. His dreams are a wonderful calmness compared to his life in his world.

         And he loves his dreams.

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