Thursday, September 1, 2016

Today's #flashfiction Mind Excavation

“No such thing as bad publicity.”
Genghis Khan*

 Have you ever wondered that if a Mexican standoff lasts too long everyone will get tired and it'll turn into a Mexican sitoff?

Mind Excavation

        There are those angels on your shoulder. There's the being that floats in the back of your head and gives you another perspective. There's the being that's is your internal voice. There are a great deal of beings in your head.
        The most unappreciated and never thought of is the memory gnome. The one that digs up what you forget. The reason it takes you different amounts of time to remember things? Some poor little guy has to dig it all up of course. There's tons of em' too. Working for hours on end while you remember things. They all have to work for minimum mind wage because your subconscious is cheap and they can't unionize because of brain laws. Their lives are filled with constant labor.
       So what did you eat for lunch yesterday?

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