Thursday, October 8, 2015

Today's #flashfiction Capeless

 “It's not my fault.”
Saint Andres* #quote

Dark matter is the matter that we don't really think about everyday, so to most of us, does it really matter? Anyway onto the flash fiction!


          The supervillain laughed not in his usual maniacal way, but out of actual humorous surprise. An old officer had entered his lair. Sorcerer Vileon picked the caves near a small town to set up his next plan to take over the world since no superheroes lurked nearby. He figured he could summon Glurok The Destroyer without interruption. He didn't expect one of the lowly local cops to interrupt him.
        Vileon said, “Weak commoner! What do you think you're doing here? You have no business here.”
         Officer Hank Gondine moved to the small town he lived in after dealing with the big city for awhile. He'd seen small and big crime. He'd been through many tough spots and dealt with very tough scum. Never a supervillain before. However he didn't have the body of when he fought the battles of his youth. He now had the jolly face and figure of Santa Claus and his skin matched the chocolate that got him that way. His jolly face didn't match his speaking voice though, when he addressed the villain in an annoyed tone, like he pulled over someone for speeding.
       “You're under arrest for conspiracy for supervillainy...and littering.” Hank looked at some of the garbage Vileon left around the cave while he made it his lair. “You need to come with me to the station.”
        The Sorcerer then grinned. “Me? Go to the station? Ha! What are you going to do? You're no superhero! Police are the ones that cleans up the mess after the real fight ends. After people like me battle. I've used my spell book to take on the most powerful heroes on the planet. I don't know what rock you live under but I am one of the modern gods! You'll never take me away! Can you lift buses? Run faster than the speed of sound? Can you? Then you stand no chance against my magic when I inevitably kill you-”
        The supervillain then fell to the ground from the power of Officer Hank's taser. The old officer evaluated the situation, considered the supervillain to be threatening him and quickly took the spell book away since the supervillain kept telling him that was the weapon.

         “The superheroes are right,” The Officer said, “You villains do talk too much.”

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