Saturday, October 24, 2015

Today's #flashfiction Cloudy With A 40% Chance Of Life

 “You're the sunshine of my life.”
Count Dracula* #quote

CJ's coming over today so that'll be fundacious. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Cloudy With A 40% Chance Of Life

       Doctor Frankenstein worked with Igor to collect all the pieces of the puzzle of life. Those pieces being the pieces of dead bodies. The doctor himself already came up with the how. And on this night, with all the parts of his creature sown together on the table he'd raise the creature up into the storm and let the lighting strike his machine. The jolt needed to make it arise.
       Higher and higher the creature went. Darker and darker the storm clouds became. Tonight there would be life. Then the clouds became lighter and lighter and went away. With the excited doctor looking at his assistant devastated.
     “There was supposed to be a storm today,” Frankenstein said sadly.
Igor shrugged his stump. “Luck wasn't on our side...let's try again tomorrow Masterrrr...”

      Doctor Frankenstein agreed. They tried the next day, but it didn't happen either. It took a few weeks but eventually they got life. If Doctor Frankenstein was trying to make life in the present day at least he would have had the weather forecast on the news and wouldn't have had to go to as much trouble.

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