Sunday, October 25, 2015

Today's #flashfiction The Lucky Break

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...”
Back to the Future* #quote

Been hanging with CJ. Not on anything precarious like the edge of a cliff, just general hanging. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Lucky Break

         Once in a while a person gets a lucky break. Where and how that lucky break happens can be quite strange. For Thomas The Pizza Delivery Guy he got it when he delivered a pizza to the house of a wizard. Thomas was quite baffled when a man wearing those blue robes and a hat answered the door while music pumped in the background. He could only explain it by the fact it was a costume party.
        “That'll be 82.50” he said while holding the absurd amount of pizza the wizard had ordered. What appeared to werewolf came out and took the pizza from him. Thomas thought that costume looked stunningly real.
         The wizard pulled out his wallet. “Crud, forgot my credit card in my other robes.” The wizard's wallet was strapped for cash. “But if the guests don't get their pizza I'll get mauled.” Thomas saw a zombie somewhere in the house. Well it had to be a costume right?
         The wizard took a gold ring from one of his fingers and gave it to Thomas. “I'm pretty sure that'll cover it. Plus it's enchanted with luck you'll love it. Consider the rest of the value a tip. I need to start feeding my guests the pizza before they transform into something unruly.” The wizard slammed the door shut. Thomas didn't have a chance to object that he needed money.
If he didn't have ten other deliveries to take care of he would have bothered to argue with the man. He looked at the ring. He assumed it must be fake and he was just scammed by a man trying to get free pizza. His boss wouldn't accept it. He decided he would keep it and would give the boss the value of the pizza the wizard ordered.

       He turned out to be a wise decision, the ring was real gold, and luck soon befell Thomas. The first token of luck was getting a coupon for free pizza and finding a hundred dollar bill on the ground. After that things spiraled into even more good fortune. He lived happily ever after. The next guy who worked at the pizza place didn't run into a wizard and his own lucky break just a cranky middle-aged woman with too many spoiled, loud kids.

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