Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Today's #flashfiction The Ultimate Master

 “Keep your nose to the grindstone.”
Pinocchio* #quote

If you play Hot Potato too long you start playing Cold Potato. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Ultimate Master

          “I have taught you well, but you will never be able to overcome me. I train people here to better themselves. Not for them to try and prove themselves.” The Ultimate Master of Kung-Fu And Everything Else said to one of his many students. The Master took on the students who managed to hike up to the top of his mountain and pass his test. A feat of physical skill considering hiking was a past time rare in the heavily land-developed era of 2200. His teachings involved many tests, and as soon as a student failed they were told to go home. Arrogant students challenged the master. And no matter what they challenged the Ultimate Master of Kung-Fu and Everything in he bested them. From fighting to knitting nothing was beyond his skill.
          “Damn you,” said the student who spent a year learning under him and many years prior just to challenge the Ultimate Master of Kung-Fu And Everything Else. Everyone wanted to best the man. Some became his students just to get an impression of him before challenging him. The man wore a simple robe and a his soft eyes complimented his soft skin.

          The Master possessed a simple secret to his powers. When he headed back to chambers he tapped his stomach in a secret rhythm and it opened so he could pull out his data and power cords. Sophisticated android organs gave his body heat and the feel of a human along with his synthetic skin. He plugged himself in to recharge and synch his data with long term memory storage and maintenance computer that also downloaded skills into his processors. The Master of Kung-Fu And Everything slept for the next day of executing his directive that his now deceased creator programmed with: “Be as cool as you can.” The creator forgot to make sure The Master told everyone who created him so the creator could be famous like he intended.

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