Monday, October 12, 2015

Today's #flashfiction What Is Missed

 “Shut up and drive.”
Tiger Woods* #quote

There are days that feel like dreams, days that feel like nightmares, and days where you cannot tell which of the two it is. Today I had a normal day. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

What Is Missed

         Two ghost brothers floated in their old home, haunting it and mulling over their past lives.
         “Y'know you miss a lot of things as a ghost,” said Tom to his brother Jake.
         “Yeah, bro,” he replied in a low, sad voice, “I miss having a body that looked more complicated than a puff of air. I miss talking to the living.”
         Tom then added, “And then there's the food and all the wonderful things you can touch in the world.”
          Jake then conjured a smile in his mind that would have appeared on his ghost body if it had a mouth. “Yeah, I do miss being able to hold things. Having a beautiful woman in my arm.”
Tom then said, “You know one of the things I miss most?”
         “What's that?”
          Tom told him, “Ping pong.”

         “Yeah, I miss it too.” Jake agreed. While alive the two brothers played ping-pong all the time together ever since their dad got it for them for Christmas many years ago. Now as ghosts their bodies couldn't even hold the paddles and they lost the ability to have those happy times. They did cherish the memories, and they hoped those that still lived had the wisdom to play their games before they ran out of time.

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