Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Today's #flashfiction Roles

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Got my “camera” partially working in my game. The camera is how the game window moves. My game is 2D and so far I've tackled vertical movement somewhat. Whenever the character lands on new ground, like jumping from one cliff to another, the camera will scroll up or down so that he will stay in the shot by making that the new ground level for the camera. In my work name things “da camera” and “da terrain”(for the ground in the levels) My program must look very professional. Anyway onto the flash fiction!


         Two security guards at Hu-Friend Industries watched over the incubators. Each incubator held a human being developed in a vat to a full adult form, or whatever form fit the order, with the implanted memories that fit the order. Thomas and Sarah didn't understand the vats, or how exactly they developed the humans with good muscular structure despite the fact they “grew up” in a tube. The science was a bit above their understanding.
        The gears in Thomas's neck turned and his head turned to Sarah. His two camera eyes met her. “I'm getting that weird feeling again.” His jaw, made of unnatural, flexible metals allowed him to speak with similarly metal vocal chords in his throat. His voice sounded like thousands of spoons rattling.
        Sarah replied, “That feeling huh? Yeah, I get it too. I really noticed it when you pointed it out to me.” Both Thomas and Sarah had body made of metal filled with gears and machinery. Thomas possessed a more masculine shape and Sarah a more feminine. These shapes were chosen at birth for them.
       Thomas approached one of the vats and almost placed his hand on it. He couldn't since the rules didn't allow it, but he often felt compelled to. “You just feel like something' in here.”
Sarah told him, “Yet it shouldn't be. We've been making humans for, like ever. They're a unique kind of labor animal.”
       Thomas then said, “But it feels like, I dunno. Maybe something else is more natural. Like, what if we're not supposed to be doing something like this? Making them? Or maybe they should be making us? Maybe that's how it was...”

       Sarah then laughed, her metallic vocal chords echoing like two slamming frying pans, “Your wires crossed? That's the craziest thing I ever heard. Next you'll tell me there was a time before the Internet.”

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