Sunday, October 11, 2015

Today's #flashfiction Sentimental Sun

 “Never mind the details.”
Sherlock Holmes* #quote

CJ and I discussed the game we're working on. We made some good progress on concepts and direction on what I'm going to program next and what he'll draw. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Sentimental Sun

            I used to think I was immortal. With a strong, bright body I floated in space and a set of planets orbited around me. The planets changed while I changed hardly at all. But now I grew and grew and started engulfing the planets around me. I turned red. I could feel myself running out of mass.
            A planet fell into my body and burnt up. I remembered it. It used to be a beautiful blue that none of the other planets were. On it more than the storms of the other worlds existed. A pretty little thing called life happened. Some of the things on the world came up with language. The creatures called humans gave me names. My favorite name was the Sun. I miss it being blue. Before my heat boiled the oceans and took away all the pretty life. Before when I looked at the planets only they changed. With their weather and the evolving life on the little blue planet. I can feel my energy running out. I thought only life could die.

           Thank you for being a wonderfully pretty place to watch. I appreciate all the company you've given me over all these years along with everything else in the solar system.

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