Thursday, October 29, 2015

Today's #flashfiction The Costume Party

 “Travel lightly.”
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This weekend CJ might come over, but it's still a chance. Either way I'll find a way to have fun this weekend as I tend to. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Costume Party

         After I signed “Zarchary Jackson” on the party attendance sheet I realized that there shouldn't be a sign in sheet at all. Tonight I was supposed to be headed to a friend's house for a Halloween party. But instead I wore my store-bought mummy costume in some kind of mansion along with many other people in a massive dance hall of some kind of mansion. The room's doors were shut and I saw purple clouds. With no light bulbs the rooms main light source must have been the hundreds of candles attached to the walls with golden holders. After thinking about the shut doors some more I wondered where I must have entered the room from in order to sign the strange party attendance sheet. What other mysterious way could I have entered the room?
       “Where are we?” a woman in the crowd of attendees asked.
        The only person in the room without a costume answered her, “In the house where the costumes have their party.” The bald man wore pajamas with a candy pattern on them and his skin was pumpkin orange. He wore sunglasses and smiled a toothless smile despite the fact he only looked about thirty and should have every tooth. “It's their turn to wear you.” He then turned into water and fell to the floor as a massive puddle.
         I felt the rags of my mummy costume tighten around me. I gasped for air while the soft bandages somehow gained the power to crush my chest despite how much I fought. I struggled and they only became tighter. They began to pull me along while they walked across the dance floor. My costume first approached a woman who dressed as a witch. The hat pulled over her head and I heard muffled screams while the black robes lifted her body around to into proper position to dance with my costume.
       Our costumes pulled our arms out and forced us to wrap around each other. They danced traditional dances liked the waltz. They danced crazy party dances. While my costume flung me around I saw all the costumes in the room throwing people around into dances as they tried to first scream then just breathe.

      A bandage from my mummy costume fell over my eyes and it tightened its grip. I saw darkness. I felt nausea and pain. I tried to get rid of the nausea by imagining the dances the costume forced me into so I could get some frame of reference so my gut didn't turn as much. But while it crushed my lungs and cut off my blood flow I couldn't control much. I started losing the ability to imagine. My ability to think. The loss of air. I'm gone.

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