Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Today's #flashfiction Spareless

 “T-t-that's all folks!”
The Grim Reaper* #quote

         Today I watched the new Jurassic series movie. We didn't watch it theaters so we got it on DVD. The movie would have turned out a lot more different if I ran the park. If dinosaurs broke out in my Jurassic World then I'd have a big red panic button that would deploy an angry army of Rambos. They would always be ready to be deployed. And tanks. Lots and lots of tanks.


          A young boy named James once broke his glasses. And by coincidence right soon after he broke his spares. His mother lectured along with his father on being clumsy. They both had their own styles of lecturing. The mother had a you could have done differently style while the father had a you should have done differently style. The mother's tone was harsher than the father's.
         James's vision was some of the worst on the scale from awful to horrible. He could walk across the room at least. Objects were objects and he could pick them up. But everything had an intense blur. At this time the things in his imagination had become more real than reality. In his imagination there was no blurriness.
        So that's what he did. It took them quite awhile to repair his glasses. But in the meantime as he walked through life he replaced everything with an imagined copy. He knew what his dog looked like. So when the panting blur approached him he imagined what it really looked like in its place. Same place with his parents, the car, the house, dinner, his friends and everything. His used his imagination to define everything back to reality as his glasses showed him.

       When his glasses were finally repaired though he was surprised. Things were not quite as perfectly aligned to as he had repaired the blurs to be when he didn't have his glasses. He now knew the little slip of distortion between imagination, memory and reality.  

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