Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Today's #flashfiction On Memory

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If you crossed a demon and an angel would get a demgel? Or would you get a human being? Anyway onto the flash fiction!

On Memory

         Vanessa Ingot didn't have a very good memory so she wrote everything down. This memory problem plagued her from birth, and although not chronic to the point of having to be hospitalized she kept notebook after notebook of everything that happened from day to day to keep everything straight. Things could get boggled very easily for her. She could type very quickly but doctors told her that writing it by hand helped reinforce memories.
         After graduating college she managed to land a job as a programmer. Throughout life her personal documenting system allowed her to work with the complex systems between other programmers and software. She also was able to move through the documents on the computer quite quickly. Still her condition held her back and the talents didn't make her quite extraordinary, it merely brought her up back to normal skill to upper level skill. Vanessa, with ratty black hair and poor fashion sense, still didn't stand out.
           Then an apocalypse of sorts hit the software company she worked for. Another corporation was the suspect, but someone sabotaged their servers with all the data on them. Everything dead. Someone broke in and fried each of the machines with powerful surges of electricity. A strange, but definitely professional job.
         The company felt like it would collapse, kept it under the lid so that their stocks wouldn't plummet. But rumors circled around the offices. At this moment Vanessa stood out by presenting her notes to the heads the of the company. They then promoted her to a record keeping position that they invented out of caution for any future attacks.

         Y'know, more and more places are eliminating paper records. Should we wonder if there are enough Vanessas to save us when the time comes?  

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