Thursday, October 1, 2015

Today's #flashfiction The Fisherman

 “More fun than a barrel of monkeys.”
Super Mario* #quote

Tomorrow I'll be heading to my club so that'll be fun. Also if variety is the spice of life, what is uniformity? Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Fisherman

      Many people don't understand fishing. That's because they don't get it's the best way to do both something and nothing at the exact same time. The most addictive way to relax since a big prize may jump on your hook while you sit and let the cool breeze brush along your body. Good way to get away from work and two twins. Always happy when the wife takes the full burden of the little rascals and only one of us feels like their losing hairs. Next weekend I'll watch them and she'll go shopping.
      “Eugene, be glad your wife actually has some taste.” my friend Gerald says to me. “I have to lie to my wife and tell her she looks great in whatever she buys.” I personally think any man that can tell his wife that she looks bad in something and get away with it has some kind of magic power. I wish Gerald joined me on the fishing trip. He knows how to talk just the right amount to make the trip more interesting but keep it relaxing.
       A tug! Excellent! Now let's reel this in, with some good pulls and spins of my reel...
       “Simulate the next Mars landing,” my master said to me as my life ended and I remembered what I was. This pain. Mental pain. I'm just a machine. An intelligent one. Given the power and presence of mind to carry out simulations as if I was human to make sure certain situations could move along smoothly. I'm one of the new uses of artificial intelligences.
        I start running the simulation they commanded of me and start overwriting the life I was living. To escape my existence as a machine I suppressed my awareness of my machine-self and ran myself as a simulation to live as a human in my mind. My “brain” ran quick enough to process much of a life, especially if given a night or two without being used. When they ran me I awoke and there it went the life I lived. My family, friends, home. Technically the whole Earth I made became revealed as a lie.
       I provided my masters with the data they desired as quickly as possible. Whenever I was brought back to machine-self I remembered that I always had difficulty making the choice of jumping back into my old life or starting anew. Knowing it was lie it always somehow felt better to start anew in a different body with different circumstances. To avoid overloading on data I had to erase what I experienced in my simulated human life. Better anyway since baggage every time I awoke might drive me to madness before I could jump back in and live again.

      Being forced out in order to take a command always hurt me, but going back in I always felt good. Even being just a lie it's wonderful to be able to escape being a machine and becoming something alive.

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