Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Today's #flashfiction A Fool's Digital Errand

“Honor thy father and mother.”
Nero* #quote

 Today was a wonderfully wonderful day. Besides when the mole people tried to steal my lunch. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

A Fool's Digital Errand

          “Son, it's what's called a fool's errand.” Vance's dad told him while he died the thousandth time fighting the video game boss. “You've been playing all day trying to beat the same bad guy.”
         Vance pushed the buttons on his controller to navigate the superhero he controlled through the level. He trounced the two robot minions right in front of the level boss's door for the thousandth and one time and entered the battle. He lost again.
        “Darn it!” Vance yelled.
        The dad told his boy, “Take a break, it's time for dinner.”
        “Fine...” Vance was too hungry to argue, he already stopped for lunch before. Maybe tomorrow he'd try something different. Maybe if he checked the Internet something would help him. He turned off the game.
        When the game turned off the characters began to chatter as they did in the off time. One of the two minions that stood in front of the boss door said to the other, “James, give up, you're never going to get him. He's always going to get to the boss and lose to him instead of us. It's called a fool's errand.”
        “I'll get the player tomorrow,” the minion replied. He figured if he tried hard enough he could be as tough as that boss instead of just being a doormat for the player to crush in front of it. Right?
Tomorrow's always a new day.

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