Thursday, October 22, 2015

Today's #flashfiction Perception

 “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.”
The Energizer Bunny* #quote

         Tomorrow I'm heading to my game club at the college. I won't be heading back to regular classes with reduced credit hours as planned. Last week I met with my doctor and we talked about a new medication which may be good for me. So I'll try that and see if that can get me to full capability.


        Time passes based on a person's perception. In fights I've had before I've felt time slow down before because of the adrenaline. It happens all the time in boxing. But not like this. Things feel frozen. The opponent's glove moves towards my face like it's working its way through jello. The fist belonged Charlie Howls the new fighter rocking his way up to the top match after match to face me, the powerful veteran boxer, world champion James Graves.
        Did my brain give me a slow down of time to let me block this blow? The match had been going on for awhile and this punch connecting meant a knockout for sure. I knew it'd toss me to the ground. My mind gave me a reaction time I never had before to stop the attack. But a special condition existed on this match.
       I'd been paid to throw the match. And I'd already done a good job of making it look real. I think that's how Charlie reached me in the first place. A carefully planned advancement with close matches where they needed to be. I think my brain pushed adrenaline into me to slow down my perception of time so I could counter the punch and win the match honestly. The honor of the sport and myself intact.

      However along with that fist coming at me I saw a more comfortable retirement. I let the fist knock me out and when I awoke I retired before I fell out of my prime. The days of James Graves as champion ended. I wonder what Charlie Howls's price will be for his championship.

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