Thursday, October 15, 2015

Today's #flashfiction The Mouselys

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
Ferris Bueller* #quote

Today I made some good progress on my programming for my game. I must admit though I am no professional and I am learning this as I go along. I realize as I work why people get paid, sometimes good money, to do what I'm stumbling through. (And they do it a lot better and quicker) But I won't give up, you can bet on that. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Mouselys

        “Let's move to the old house on the hill nobody will bother us there.” Mrs. Mousely glared at her husband while she quoted him. They hid in their mouse hole while their swarm of children split the recent batch of garbage the parents looted from the surrounding neighborhood.
          A rot-black, three-headed cat hissed at their home from the kitchen in the house. The husband replied, “How was I supposed to know a human with a monster cat would move in?” Mr. Mousely then ran his hand down his face. “And by my tail I know that thing had one head a few days ago!”
          The Mouselys didn't understand the different kinds of humans. Well, mice did pass down at least some of what they knew about humans verbally through the generations. They knew the humans exchanged flattened wood for items each other made. Beyond that the system blurred between different types of humans who do tasks to get the paper and possibly what kinds of things they may have in their homes. The building humans, the humans who care for the plants in their land, the humans who hunt, the humans who make creations of things of plastic and metal or other materials.             The list goes on and on. The human that moved into this home went beyond what most mice discuss.
          He wasn't a mad scientist, because that would imply crazed laughter and a lost sense of direction. The scientist in this home just chose to make money at the university and with every experiment too illegal and inhumane for sanction he worked on without anyone knowing. If he found the mice he might put them in a cage and put some crazed gene therapy on them without bothering with putting the mice out of their misery if the experiment hurt too much. The man currently sat at the kitchen table reading, ignoring his cat's hissing. The ingredients for his sandwich lie on a plate He hadn't put it together so a piece of cheese lay separate from meat and bread.
           Mrs. Mousely then said to her husband, “Dear, let's just move out of here. You're not quick enough to get past that monster of a cat.”
           “I can get past that cat.” Mr. Mousely said. Mouse culture demanded that mice go after what food they good then run afterward.
           “Dear, you can't.”
           “Yes, I can.”
            Mr. Mousely ran. But not straight. He ran in a zig-zag. The three headed cat tried to follow with all three of it's heads making it stumble in a dizzy stupor. He climbed up the chair leg and grabbed the cheese. He fled with the piece he could and the scientist yelled at him while he ran back into the mouse hole.
            The scientist picked up the cat, “Obviously needs some adjustments. Perhaps if I give it a robotic tail and make the extra heads into guns.”

            After hearing this the Mouselys made a unanimous decision to move as soon as possible.

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