Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Today's #flashfiction Anne And Her Tree House

The Loch Ness Monster* #quote

If Santa isn't real who owns Rudolph hmm? A question for the ages...Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Anne And Her Tree House

        Anne built her tree house with care and without any help from her parents. She took her time and knew her plans by heart. The design came to her by instinct. Yes, a lovely tree house created with care. She didn't rush. Anne took her time and placed it in the perfect spot within the branches. Wonderful! She knew she could even eat here, at her wonderful home, so wonderfully built. It would be a great place to dine, the tree house had a great view of the sunset. That's what she planned to do sleep, eat, and watch the sunset in its full everyday. A great life for Anne the spider to have sitting in her tree house of webs.

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