Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Today's #flashfiction Villain At The Theater

“They're after me lucky charms!”
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            Imagine a square. Get that image of that square firmly lodged in your head. Now make it a round square. You may think my request is impossible. But hey the adjective round exists, and the noun square exists, so I'm saying lets make the square round! I hope you managed to get something in your head. I wonder what each person who read this came up with, if anything at all. Since “round square” doesn't make sense normally whatever you made up needed to make sense based on what you think. I won't tell you what I imagined since that'd bias what you thought. Just enjoy our shared independence of thought and the flash fiction.

Villain At The Theater

            Bob Bobbery, the secret identity of the superhero Captain Heroking, hung out with his friends in line for the premier of the new Planet Wars movie. It was a crowded theater, but it'd be worth the wait for their favorite movie. Bob Bobbery then noticed a man he knew all too well bump through the line towards him. The supervillain Brainlord. Oddly enough Brainlord didn't seem to be causing trouble, but nobody seemed eager to complain about him cutting in line since he did have psychic powers.
          “Hey, Bob!” Brainlord said while forcing his way next to Captain Heroking and his friends. The superhero wanted to have a mundane, non-heroic day during the premiere of the next movie in his favorite movie franchise. The supervillain then used psychic powers to send a mental message to the hero so no one would hear, “How's it going Captain Heroking?”
         The hero whispered back, “Wait, you know my secret identity?” So many questions raced through Bob Bobbery's head. Why doesn't Brainlord attack his family? Use them as hostages in evil schemes? It doesn't make any sense!
         The tallest, toughest friend of Bob's, Kyle said, “You know this guy?”
         “Not at all!” Bob replied, forcing as much denial into his voice as possible.
           Brainlord then said, “Oh, I know Bob, and I wanted to know his friends too!”
           Kyle then said, “Listen chump, I know you have psychic powers and could learn names. Bother your own friends.”
           Brainlord then meekly said, “I don't have any.”
           It then clicked for Captain Heroking. The behavior of the villain, the fact his traps were the most elaborate out of all the foes he faced, why the villain didn't use the people as hostages.
          “My God, you do evil plans just because you don't have any friends and want company!”

           Brainlord replied, “Um, see you Tuesday!” he then promptly dashed off.

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