Monday, December 28, 2015

Today's #flashfiction The One-Way Time Traveler

“You're not on the list.”
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CJ might be coming over tomorrow. He saved up his paid time off days so he could take solid blocks of time off at the end of the year so he can actually come over during the week. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The One-Way Time Traveler

         Fed up with this world Doctor Walden put himself in cryogenic sleep for one thousand years. He knew that by that time humans would have created the ultimate utopia for him to live in, or destroyed themselves completely. Both options he considered better than the modern era. Utopia or a hermit.
          A thousand years passed and Doctor Walden awoke. He made his way out of his mountain hideout, carrying gold to barter and other objects in hand to make a living in whatever future he happened upon.
         The city looked large, though the buildings the similar. The first person he ran across wore a long-sleeved shirt with three pockets on it. His shorts possessed many zippers on the sides with no obvious function. The man greeted him in some form of English mutated from modern English. The change of language. It sounded like listening to Shakespeare, since modern English was an evolution of Shakespeare. He could pick up the general meaning, but most of it became lost on him.
        He saw this change as a wonderful sign. But as he progressed he noticed that there was no utopia. Just a city. Some things he read in science fiction books appeared. Little service robots here and there. Electric cars. This made him assume that at least the energy problem had been solved, or at least batteries had become so efficient the issue became mitigated. But the entire future looked very, very boring. Just more technology and some strange new fashion trends with many pocketed shirts and shorts with too many zippers. One thousand years and people never changed who they were.

       It's like he never left home.   

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