Sunday, December 6, 2015

Today's #flashfiction How Many Times Does Lightning Strike?

“You don't understand the gravity of the situation.”
Sir Isaac Newton* #quote

If an owl gets drunk it starts saying “what?” instead of “who?” Anyway onto the flash fiction!

How Many Times Does Lightning Strike?

            Lighting doesn't strike in the same place twice. That is still true. After all in Barry's backyard it has struck over one hundred times. However in just a way that nothing lights on fire. Usually the pool is the victim of the jolt and the concrete around it are fortunately not flammable enough. The charge hitting the pool also peaked at a specific, perfect, point to cause minimal damage. All the lighting strikes worked that way. No one believed Barry that his backyard had been struck so many times because no physical evidence of damage remained.
           This happened all by design. Poor Barry made an unfortunate enemy of his neighbor. Awhile back a peculiar fellow bought the house next door. His name was nigh unpronounceable, almost like a mesh of a few dead languages. He seemed friendly enough but one sad, sad, day Barry wasn't looking as he backed out of the driveway and backed into the neighbor's car. (How very sloppy of Barry to make such a terrible turn to go from one driveway to the next! Just because he was in a hurry for a meeting is no excuse!)
           Barry soon learned that his neighbor was a nature god, and that god's hold grudges. Sure, Barry paid to repair the car. But the god was still bitter that he lost that car he became so emotionally attached to. So he's spited Barry with lighting, as a constant way to spook him. His backyard never damage but constantly struck.
           Barry thought of building a lighting rod, but feared the god would do something worse. Eventually though the god accidentally backed into Barry's car. Embarrassed he apologized. From then on the lighting stopped and beautiful, magic flowers began to appear in Barry's yard.

          Even gods don't like being called hypocrites.

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