Friday, December 11, 2015

Today's #flashfiction How To Deal With Dragons

“Spring is in the air.”
Eddard Stark, Game Of Thrones* #quote

I wonder why zombies always have to be going after brains. People have different tastes when they're alive, so why not different tastes when they're dead? Some zombies should be going “llluuunnngggsss”. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

How To Deal With Dragons

         Regalis held his blade high, ready to battle the king of dragons, Bloodscale, for his treasure.       With the masses of gold and jewels in the beast's possession Sir Regalis could fund the war his nation fought. He would be heralded as a savior for his people.
          The knight Regalis knew dragons. He'd been called an expert on slaying them. Regalis didn't expose any flesh to fire breath, every bit of his steel armor had been enchanted to cool when hit with heat. The armor glistened with a blue shine from the magic. His weapon, a massive sword made from the bone of ogres, was infused with lethal curses of all kinds.
          Bloodscale, the king of dragons, gained his namesake from the color of his scales. One breed of dragons was scaled red, and he was a one-in-a-million genetic mutation. This made him massive and his scales much darker than normal making them blood red instead of the light red the breed was known for. The mutation also gave him nine thin tails instead of the one massive one that most dragons have.
          “I know exactly how to deal with your kind,” Regalis said as he charged the dragon.
          The king of dragons smiled a fanged smile then responded, “And I know exactly how to deal with yours.” The king of dragons then did not breathe fire on Regalis. Another gift bestowed by the mutation was intelligence. He instead let his fire breath rumble in his gut and spewed only massive amounts of smoke at Regalis. The enchantments of the knight's armor protected him from heat, not smoke, and the knight passed out. This was not the first time Bloodscale dealt with knights, and he always attacked them with smoke in case they used magic. He then killed Regalis using his claws while the knight was unconcious.
           Five years later a teenage boy made his way onto the top of the mountain where Bloodscale's castle was. He approached the dragon not wearing anything but the simple rags of a normal peasant. Bloodscale looked at the boy, surprised he even managed to scale the massive mountain, and didn't attack him seeing no threat and incredibly curious as well to see a human that wasn't a knight inside his castle. Though he did keep his guard up for some kind of sneak attack from an accomplice or a hidden weapon.
          “Lord Bloodscale,” the teenager spoke in a frightened tone, “May I ask a small favor?”
           Bloodscale was dumbfounded, a human had never asked him for anything before. He responded, “What is it?”
           “Our village dam broke in a flood. It was very old and we don't have enough money to pay the city workers to fix it. Two gold coins from your treasure should get us the last of the funds we need to pay for the dam.”
            Bloodscale considered it. “Take them. If anybody asks you stole the coins while I was sleeping. Got it?”

           The teenage boy grabbed the coins and left in a hurry.

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