Thursday, December 24, 2015

Today's #flashfiction Waterrise

“Respect other people's opinions.”
The Borg, Star Trek* #quote

If you're a tour guide and forget whatever is supposed to be going on just say, “To your left you see whatever is not on your right.” This should work in most cases. Anyway onto the flash fiction!


           A witch lived in a cottage near a waterfall and thought it quite beautiful, at least for awhile. Eventually she grew bored of the sight and cooked up an idea. She decided to use her magic and turn it into a waterrise. The water flowed upward. This sight she enjoyed. A wonderful, eccentric sight. A few days in however a bear shambled towards her. It looked hungry. The animal didn't try to attack but whined like a dog, as if she had food for it. The witched tried to think. What to feed a bear? Picnic baskets? She then remembered that bears fished. She remembered the lovely waterrise she made. Did fish no longer swim down the river because of it? Did the bear, sensitive to magic as many animals are, know she was the source of the spell?

        She stopped her enchantment and the waterrise became a waterfall once more. The bear quickly moved to the river to catch fish once again. Now the witch had a new sight outside her home to watch. The bear, along with its family, happily catching fish day in and day out.

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