Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Today's #flashfiction Vigilance

“Did he fire six shots or only five?”
Count Count* #quote

Today CJ is coming over. Also I may or may not have stumbled upon a government conspiracy involving aliens and inefficient bureaucracy. Anyway onto the flash fiction!


       Fido was devoted to his family and their home. The instinct of territory. He could never figure out why his owners bound him with long chain to a tree in their front yard, but it didn't stop him from remaining vigilant. From barking and dashing at those who would approach. But he could never escape the grass to the sidewalk. The chain was just short enough. But he remained vigilant and barked and barked.
       Many times it varied who came, but one foe came everyday. This person was used to upstart hounds like him, and just smiled at Fido while he barked with all his might. And every visit after the old mailman smiled while putting his delivery in the mailbox. Day in and day out. Not a single scare came out of the old man, despite the dogs vigilance.

      Eventually after years passed the old man stopped coming and a new mailman replaced him. Fido managed to scare this one with his vigilant bark. However despite the satisfaction of scaring the new delivery human, deep in its doggy heart it missed the old mailman and his smile.

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