Thursday, January 21, 2016

Today's #flashfiction The Almost Lone Wolf

“Don't question me.”
Alex Trebek* #quote

Keyboards are a very useful thing a computer. Everything would probably be much harder if we had to work with lockboards. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Almost Lone Wolf

        “Hey Fang, we gonna pounce the deer yet?” My pack mate, and fellow wolf, Paws asked me.
        “No, not yet,” I told him.
        “How about now?”
        “No, the moment isn't right,” I whispered back.
        “Now?” He wagged his tail like one of those domesticated canines of the humans. How obnoxious. His gray fur matched mine, but I don't think anything else about us was the same.
        “Paws...” I snarled while still managing a whisper. I wish I was a lone wolf at this point. As I looked at the deer in the meadow in front of us, ready for the taking, I wondered why I brought my annoying cousin along.
         “How about now?”
         “No...” A few more seconds passed, and because of how annoying Paws had been I decided to dash after the deer by myself. I figured I could take it out. With my surprise attack I figured I could get my jaws around it, but it raised its feet above me, ready to trample with my hooves.
          At that point Paws then made an amazing leap at the deer and managed to get it right in the neck, after a struggle the deer was down. Paws then said to me with his usual clueless look on his face, “Fang, you forgot to tell me it was time to get the deer.”

          That's when I remembered why I kept him around. It's always good to have someone to get your back.

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