Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Today's #flashfiction Spy VS Spyware

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Tomorrow I'm heading to the gaming club. I'm glad that although I'm on medical leave from school I can still participate in clubs. I think it's going to be a joyous time. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Spy VS Spyware

         Secret Agent Redwing's computer had been compromised. He didn't know how, or when, but some sort of spyware managed to get on it. This could mean global war. The information on his machine dealt with everything the world governments didn't want people to know about, and many weaknesses that could be exploited in the United States government and others. A common person with an enraged soul could topple the Pentagon and the entire military's digital communication network using the information he had.
        He needed to track down the source. He checked what files had been accessed. Nothing sensitive. That was impossible. No one would breach his computer unless they wanted something. He wiped the entire thing and diagnosed the computer only with a backup hard drive. No matter how hard he looked, or the tech team that followed, no sensitive files were accessed. They felt that the activity must have been hidden somehow.
        It took them many months combing through the computer until one of the new recruits proposed to do something to Redwing's computer. He ran a more routine anti-virus check and found sophisticated spyware tucked away that didn't analyze files but instead tracked the user's Internet searches in order to send them spam they were likely to click on to whatever email it managed to determine they had.

       Nonetheless Redwing was fired for allowing the breach. But at least he got a few coupons on his email to help him with expenses.

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