Saturday, January 16, 2016

Today's #flashfiction Your Story

“You can quote me on that one.”
The Raven* #quote

Personally, if I was a ventriloquist I'd get a smarty instead of a dummy. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Your Story

          You feel yourself becoming the protagonist of a story. A story where you remain in reality, reading these words, but your imagination fills with a vision of a dense fog. You keep peering into the fog, trying to find whatever may be concealed inside. It continues to fill your imagination the more you investigate. The fog spreads. It spreads and spreads. Think of nothing else.
           A partially round shadow appears in the middle of the fog. The antagonist of your story. The pained cries of a dog come out from the fog. A spider the size of a truck appears clenching what remains of the dog in its jaws.

          The spider continues to crawl forward, becoming larger and larger as it comes closer into view. However you simply forget the spider. Dismissing the fog from your imagination along with it. Dismiss the words of the tale that bound you. Unless you cannot forget the spider, and you begin feeling it slowly crawling along your back.

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